April 29, 2015 9:42 am

5 Of ZinMobi’s Marketing Experts Share Their Secrets

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Struggling marketers continually look to online marketing experts for tips and advice to better their strategy. Seeking help online can go two ways; incredibly well because you’ve stumbled across one of the few genuine marketing experts who really know their stuff, or horrendously, because you’ve fallen victim to one of the bogus marketing “gurus” who have no real knowledge of marketing from milking cows; to them it’s simply some new content to stay on top of Google’s rankings, un-researched and often unreliable.

If your marketing strategy is struggling and you seek help from dozens of online articles, credible advice can often get distorted and lost in the abundance of long-winded ramble of inexperienced writers.

How can you devise a solid strategy when you can’t distinguish between the credible and the utter crap?

At ZinMobi, we consider ourselves to be experts in the marketing field (we’re also extremely modest). Our primary objective is to provide our clients with the newest and smartest marketing solutions, and in doing this we’ve clocked up years of valuable experience working and evolving within the industry.

So to help you guys out, we decided to share some of our very own insight and marketing tips; all of which we believe are often the most misconceived, neglected or overlooked. Here’s what we think:

Marketing ExpertsBrian Stephenson


“There seems to be a common misconception that self-promotion is frowned upon when creating online content such as articles, blogs or videos as it comes across too “salesy”.

If this were true, how would the majority of customers know about your business? Yes; I wholeheartedly agree that it’s vital your content should be of good quality and value to the reader, but as long as your self-promotion is subtle, relevant and not you’re not over-selling, then it’s essential that you leave your brand’s mark in your content.

At the end of the day nobody else is going to promote your business for you. Be proud of what you’ve created, nobody can praise your business like you can”.

Marketing ExpertsPeter Furey

Head of Product

“It continues to amaze me that some businesses still haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon. If you’re not willing to adopt social media, you may as well set up shop on a roadside stall because that’s your best bet of gaining any attention.

A lot of traditional business owners fail to recognise that it’s an invaluable asset for businesses big or small in terms of branding, hearing what customers are saying about your business, getting personal with your customers, showcasing your products, directing traffic to your website and generating a general buzz around your brand.

For those of you who are involved with social media, one of the most commonly made marketing mistakes I’ve noticed is retailers opening a Facebook and Twitter account and thinking that’s that. More businesses are implementing lesser known channels such as Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram into their business on a daily basis and getting great traction from it. As social media channels evolve, we need to evolve with them.

What’s that saying, a rolling stone gathers no moss?”

Marketing ExpertsGillian McCarthy

Head of Marketing

“Optimisation is the most important element of any campaign. If you don’t optimise, you’ll lose out on a lot of money, quickly.

Some key metrics to analyse when optimising campaigns are click through rates, conversions, engagement, keyword search and bounce rate. If a potential customer clicks on your ad and bounces right off as it’s not what they were looking for, you’re targeting needs to be optimised and you’ve probably just forked over €5 for that lovely left click, delightful!

For paid online advertising you should always experiment with a couple of variations of images, text and headings, continuously measuring performance and optimising based on engagement.

As consumers are now browsing online on their mobiles more than desktops, it goes without saying that every aspect of your website needs to be optimised. Online shopping is supposed to be a convenient, enjoyable experience. Nobody wants to pinch, zoom and squint for products!”

Nicola Hanlonmarketing experts

Marketing & Communications Executive

Not paying enough attention to SEO is one of the biggest marketing mistakes in my book. If you want to rank on Google’s glorious first page you need to nurture your way up there with a little TLC – time, love and commitment!

The nitty gritty tasks involved in making your website search engine-friendly mightn’t be the highlight of any marketers day, but it will definitely make your day when you’re up there ranking with the best in the business.

The structure of your website is crucial. There are so many tiny factors that have a huge impact, such as having the right keyword density, the correct heading formats, no duplicate content, short easily comprehendible sentences, quality content and a good link structure.

Think of an SEO strategy to a website as like fuel to a car; all the essential parts might be there, but it’s going nowhere without it!

Marketing ExpertsAnnette Grealish

Account Management and Support

My years of experience lie in both marketing and account management roles, and in combining these two areas I’ve realised that your best sales people are your happy customers.

Happy customers can be the flag-bearers for your business, and it’s a marketing strategy that not used nearly enough, or not used to its full potential!

How do you get potential customers to believe your product is the best? Find total satisfaction and put a beaming name and face to it. So think case studies, quotes, testimonials, stats, recommendations, videos and interviews. Would you buy the product without the proof?


We hope you found our insight helpful, feel free to comment or tweet at us with any tips you think are worth sharing!