Customer Feedback & Insights

Hear What Your Customers Have To Say


What do Customers think of your Brand? Hear it from them with Valuable Consumer Insights.
Enter the Mind of the Customer using our Customer Feedback Platform.

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Consumer Research Solution

Use mobile surveys, polls and competitions to gain valuable insights about your consumers’ experiences, preferences and perspectives.

ZinMobi Algorithm

The ZinMobi platform's unique algorithm turns data points into valuable insights to measure the performance of every campaign. Find your customer sweet spot.

Feedback Management

Capture customer feedback in-store and online with our cross-channel feedback solutions. Feedback is managed online for easy analysis; take it from your customers, they know what they're talking about!

Conversions & Control Groups

Benchmark consumer action and effectiveness of your campaigns by testing Conversions Vs Control Groups. Analyse consumer action for continuous campaign improvement.

Opt-Out Insights

Visible opt-out rates on the ZinMobi dashboard enable you to interpret which campaigns are working and which aren't. Analyse and optimise frequently for best campaign results.