Customer Acquisition Solution

Capture Consumer Data and Convert Into Loyal Customers


Whether you’re looking to build or expand your customer database, we have you covered with cross-channel data-capture solutions.

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In-store & online

Build your database in-store and online with our suite of promotional materials: table tents, sign-up forms, banners and social media plugin.

Inbound Campaigns

Capture more mobile subscribers with text-to-win competitions, text-to-join or text-for-coupon campaigns. Generate a buzz around your brand by advertising in-store, online, print, radio or television.

How Mark Joins Your Loyalty Club!

Step 1.

Mark sees a poster advertising your loyalty club and he notices that there's a nice incentive to join! He texts the Keyword promoted to the shortcode

Step 2.

Mark receives his welcome text confirming that he has joined the Loyalty Club and has been entered into a prize draw.

Step 3.

As a member of your Loyalty Club Mark now gets exclusive discounts, offers and coupons not available to non members!

Consent Management

Stay within the law with our integrated consent management system, allowing customers to optout easily and for free.