Mobile & Multi-Channel Platform Features

Target. Create. Automate

Mobile Messaging

Unlock the power of customer data with targeted SMS marketing. Create search filters, customer groups and purchase trigger points which give you the ability to define selective audiences from your data.

Simple, Bulk SMS is also a basic messaging feature available to all our clients.

Mobile Couponing

Simple and convenient, mobile coupons are the modern, low cost alternative to traditional couponing methods. Create, manage and validate your coupon campaigns effortlessly with our user-friendly platform.

Add unique coupon codes to your SMS marketing and redeem them at the till through the ZinMobi platform. Alternatively, we offer a plugin with your existing loyalty system, without the need for costly POS integrations, allowing you to redeem coupons at the till outside of the ZinMobi platform.

Inbound Campaigns

Grow your customer database

Generate a buzz around your brand with exciting campaigns such as text-to-win/text-to-join competitions, text-for-coupon campaigns or on-pack promotions.

The ZinMobi platform allows you to monitor entries as they come in, all of which are numbers automatically uploaded to your database. Campaigns are free for the customer to enter and competitions can be promoted in-store, online, social media, print, radio - its data-base building capabilities are endless!


Switch your targeted marketing to auto-pilot mode with automated messaging. Autotexts are proven to save marketing teams hundreds of man hours per year which would otherwise be spent manually setting up and sending these campaigns each day or week.

Using Autotexts, you can trigger the sending of targeted messages to customers based on their purchasing behavior identified in your transaction data; for example, trigger a WOW offer to be sent to a new customer 1 week after their first transaction for a lasting first impression.

Conversions & Control Groups

Conversions & Control Groups are two data-centred features that work in tandem to measure the success of your SMS marketing campaigns.

Conversions - How do they work?

After a marketing message is sent the transaction behaviour of the customer is tracked. If they purchase within X days (Xis defined by you) of receiving the marketing communication, that is recorded as a conversion.

Control Groups - How do they work?

Select a segment of your audience to be excluded from a campaign for testing purposes. This is the Control Group. The conversions tool compares conversions of the Control Group vs. conversions of the actual recipients, which allows you to accurately benchmark consumer action and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Store/Franchise Management

Head Office has control of the entire customer database whereas franchisees/store managers have use of the customer data linked to their store only. This facilitates two levels of marketing:

  1. Head Office can send national campaigns to the entire database.
  2. Local stores have the freedom to boost their own sales by running relevant local marketing campaigns.

Approve or disapprove local campaigns to ensure messages are 100% in line with your brand guidelines.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing demonstrates once again the value of a mobile number. ZinMobi’s integration with Facebook allows clients to utilise mobile and email address data from their own database to target customers with ad posts on their Facebook newsfeeds.

Furthermore, this product allows our clients to utilise the demographic data made available by Facebook for even further targeting. This means you can target customers according to occupation, personal interests and even relationship status!

Email Marketing

What makes our email marketing so special? The ZinMobi email channel enables clients to incorporate all of the above features to your email campaigns! This means you can send Bulk, Targeted and Auto-email campaigns, with all the advantages of Control Groups, Conversions and Couponing. Unlike SMS you’ll be able to track open rates; targeted emailing has never been so easy

Push Notifications

Push notifications pop up on a phone screen when a send is triggered, much like a text message. However when swiped to open they bring the user directly into a location within your application, chosen by you.

Like our Email Marketing channel, the ZinMobi Push Notifications channel allows you to incorporate all of our other great features to your campaigns for supreme targeting; these include Bulk, Targeted and Auto-Push Campaigns with all the advantages of Control Groups, Conversions and Couponing.


Bookmarks input personalised text to your marketing campaigns. Create a placeholder field in a message which is then populated with a corresponding piece of data during the sending process.

Example, the First Name bookmark is used to populate an outgoing message with the first name of the customer that is receiving the message. Commonly used bookmarks include First Name, Store Name and Call to Order Numbers.

Here's where ZinMobi can help you

Raise Brand Awareness
Text-to-win competitions, text-to-join or text-for coupon campaigns are the most exciting and effective way of, launching a new product, building brand awareness and of course quickly building an invaluable customer database.
Valuable Time-Saving
Save time, money and man power with Marketing Automation. Our multi-channel features allow you to automate all of your mobile, social and email campaigns; ensuring your marketing team achieves maximum reach with minimum time loss!
Full control over your company’s marketing campaigns means you can maximise sales by giving your stores the freedom to boost sales at store-level, while ensuring every campaign is 100% in line with your brand guidelines.