Mobile Marketing for Food Sector

Global Branding, Local Marketing. Multi-Channel Marketing for Food Franchise

Food Franchise

Give your Stores the Freedom to Boost their own Sales with Local Campaigns, while Maintaining full Control over Brand Consistency.

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Full Control

Head office has the option to approve or disapprove all campaigns set by local franchisees, ensuring all marketing is fully compliant with brand guidelines.

  • Store/Franchise Management
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Local Marketing

Embrace the power of local marketing. Create relevant campaigns for your local communities; take advantage of local events, cultural tastes and local marketing preferences.

  • Mobile Messaging
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Push Notifications
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Happy Franchises

Franchisees are kept happy by being given full freedom to drive sales and footfall for their own store with localised marketing.

  • Mobile Messaging
  • Auto-Marketing
  • Inbound Campaigns
  • Store/Franchise Management
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Measurable ROI

ZinMobi insights allow you to measure conversions, opt-out rates and overall success of all your stores’ campaigns allowing you to identify the stores that need training or improvement with their marketing.

  • Conversions & Control Groups
  • ZinMobi Algorithm
  • Opt-Out Insights
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Save Time With Marketing Automation

Drive conversions and in-store footfall with automated campaigns. Trigger the sending of targeted messages to customers based on demographics or purchasing behavior identified in your transaction data e.g. last transaction date (LTD) or average transaction value (ATV).

  • Smart Filters
  • Trigger-based Campaigns
  • Autotexts
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More Loyal Customers

Grow your customer database in-store and online with a suite of promotional materials including table tents, sign-up forms, banners, social media plugin along with exciting text-to-win and text-to-join competitions.

  • Inbound Campaigns
  • Mobile Couponing
  • Promotional Materials
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