Customer Engagement With Multi-Channel Marketing

Engage Your Customers With Exciting, Multi-Channel Campaigns


Cut through the marketing noise with exciting multi-channel marketing campaigns across mobile, social and e-mail.

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Facebook Marketing

Tap into the essence of what consumers’ want with Facebook marketing. Use demographic data provided by Facebook to create appealing campaigns relevant to personal interests, hobbies, occupation, life events and even relationship status!

Mobile Coupons

Make your customers feel special with exclusive mobile coupons. An effective way of driving long-term loyalty, sparking consumer action and measuring the effectiveness of all your engaging campaigns.

Inbound Campaigns

Excite customers with text-to-win competitions, text-to-join or text-for-coupon campaigns. Generate a buzz around your brand by advertising in-store, online, print, radio or television. A proven way to build brand awareness and grow your database.

Localised Marketing

Embrace the power of local marketing. Create relevant campaigns for your local communities; take advantage of local events, different cultures and local marketing preferences.

On-Pack Promotions

Experience the unlimited potential of on-pack promotions. Run competitions on your packaging to promote product launches, special events or build brand awareness and see instant, measurable results.