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Smart Filters

Personalise your marketing with Smart Filters.

Smart Filters allow you to simulate personalised, one-to-one communication, yielding higher profits than mass discounting. Some common smart filters are Average Transaction Value (ATV), allowing you to segment customers based on their monetary value, and Last Transaction Date (LTD), segmentation based on time that's elapsed since their last purchase.

Nightly feeds from your POS to the ZinMobi platform ensure your Smart Filters are always up to date.

Trigger-Based Campaigns

Trigger the sending of targeted messages to customers based on purchasing behavior identified in your transaction data; i.e. the Smart Filters you created.

Customers who purchased from you last week should receive a different offer to customers who purchased a month ago! Preset your campaigns and trigger points for automatic hyper-targeting.

How To Win Back Lapsing Customers


Choose the frequency of your "Win Back" campaign, e.g. Every Day at 4pm.


STEP 2: Create an engaging campaign with a high-value or WOW offer.


Choose Last Transaction Date search filter to target customers who are slipping away. E.g. Tick 39 weeks (9 months) since last transaction and add a Total Spend filter of between €50 and €1000. You're now targeting high value customers who are "slipping away".


Customers who have last transacted exactly 39 weeks from each consecutive day the campaign is running and have a total spend of between €50 and €1000 will receive your WOW offer. Congratulations, you're successfully winning back lapsing customers!

Multi-Channel Automation

Automated marketing gets even better! All automation features discussed above including smart filters and setting trigger-based campaigns can be applied across all communication channels on the ZinMobi platform.

That means you can simulate personalised, one-to-one communication across all mobile channels as well and social and email channels. Say goodbye to mass discounting and hello to smart sales!