February 23, 2014 7:05 pm

WhatsApp’s Sale Shows Why It’s Time to Move to Mobile

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Congratulations to the founders of WhatsApp on the sale to Facebook! This announcement is further proof of the growing power of mobile. The world’s number one social network just got its hands on the WhatsApp engaged user base and is now going to change the landscape of real-time messaging services.

While previously personal communication was dominated by the world’s largest carriers, both Facebook and WhatsApp are examples of how people with a vision and a focus on delivering a brilliant customer experience can transform the commercial landscape. We think there are a lot of parallels with ZinMobi

1. Power of mobile
WhatsApp recognised the power of the mobile phone and the effective means of communicating in real-time without interference.

At ZinMobi we ensure that the mobile messages our clients send are available to the majority of consumers – not the minority with bleeding-edge technology.

2. Building a simple, secure, fast and reliable platform
WhatsApp Rules WhatsApp focused on doing its core activity really well. They didn’t add bells and whistles – and as this photo opposite shows, they definitely didn’t believe in gimmicks. ZinMobi has the same philosophy. We believe you don’t need complex loyalty cards and Big Data to build consumer loyalty – just the ability to send personalised messages and offers at the right time to prove you care about your customers.

3. Running lean
With only 32 engineers, WhatsApp supports 14 million active users and processes 50 billion messages every day across seven platforms.

They’ve achieved this by keeping things simple and creating a robust platform to ensure maximum uptime.
When you need to deploy mobile marketing at a local level with stores or outlets that don’t have sophisticated IT, then you really need a platform that does all the heavy lifting for you.

4. No Ads, No Games, No Gimmicks
WhatsApp refused to promote games and build platforms like its competitors, but remained devoted to clean, lean and fast communications service that works flawlessly. As a result, WhatsApp has more than 450 million active users within four years, and reached the number faster than any other company in the history, and grew more than 2.8 times faster than Facebook did.

One of our core principles is that it’s not about being flashy, but it’s about delivering results and providing a service that works flawlessly. That’s why we are able to bring customers to our clients within minutes of launching a campaign.

5. One focus
The sale of WhatsApp provides 16 billion reasons why having a single focus and executing it brilliantly is good for business. ZinMobi’s vision has one core focus – delivering instant revenue and sustained profitable relationships for our clients using mobile as the medium. As the many articles about the acquisition will show, it will be a long time before WhatsApp will be as pervasive as SMS but as soon as market penetration levels reach the point where they will deliver commercial advantage to our clients you can be sure we will support it.

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