September 11, 2014 5:10 pm

Meet us at the Retail Conference 2014

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ZinMobi are thrilled to announce that we are attending the Retail Conference in London next week 17th September 2014.

Insightful Retailing

This year’s theme is Insightful Retailing which is why we were so excited to get involved. Thanks to technology, retailers have the ability to mine vast amounts of data to get insights into demand trends, product performance, customer behaviours, promotional impacts and a myriad of other key commercial indicators. We all know that we need to mine data to get insights but what data do we mine and how exactly to we develop these insights.

Well that’s what our Head of Innovation, Louis Grenier, is going to discuss at the conference. He is delivering a keynote speech about how to drive sales growth without a single new customer. 

His very practical presentation will go through:

  • The 3 customer metrics you should be tracking today
  • How to use those customer metrics in conjunction with other insights
  • How to build an automated sales machine from those insights

Register today to ensure your place! 

About the Conference

The Retail Conference first took place in September 2007. It was created by retail expert, Clare Rayner, to specifically provide retailers with a place to network, learn and share in a ‘safe environment’ where the audience was predominantly retailers and where they would not be aggressively sold to by a plethora of exhibitors or non-retail attendees. Having observed that the only events offering free attendance were exhibitions, and that quality content-driven conferences were typically only available for a hefty ticket price, Rayner determined there was an opportunity to bring something new to retailers. 

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