September 24, 2014 9:49 am

Free Webinar: How to increase sales without a single new customer

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At ZinMobi, we discuss and work closely with retailers and large ecommerce companies every day. One of the most painful problems they are facing is the urgency to increase sales towards the end of the month or quarter.

Executive teams within those organisations feel the pressure to deliver the results and reach the targets the shareholders have given them.

This usually results in the following scenario:

An offer or promotion to attract more customers in store and online is created.  A final advertising push is done (TV, radio, newspapers, online, etc…) hoping that the sales would follow.

Looking at the numbers, without going into too much detail, sales generally seem to increase. That’s the short-term quick fix.

However, what is the impact on the long-term? Chances are that your overall profit margin decreases due to discounting.

At ZinMobi, we believe there is a better way to increase sales short-term AND long-term. Profitably.

Louis has presented this new method at the Online Retail Conference and at the Retail Conference. We want as many large retailers and e-tailers to benefit from this knowledge, which is why we are sharing this freely through a webinar on the 5th of November 2014 at 4pm GMT.

This very practical presentation will go through:

  • The 3 customer metrics you should be tracking today
  • How to use those customer metrics in conjunction with other insights
  • How to build an automated sales machine from those insights

To learn more and to book your seat, simply click on the banner below:

Free Webinar: How to increase sales without a single new customer.