January 22, 2014 7:47 am

Don’t Make 2014 Another Year When You Miss Out On The Sales Uplift From Mobile Marketing

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We all kick off each New Year with a host of resolutions both for our personal lives and more often than not for our businesses. If direct mobile marketing has been on your agenda for a while but you just haven’t quite got around to starting it, here are 15 don’ts that should give you the push you need not only to start but also to keep going:

  1. Don’t be a snail – Direct mobile marketing is the fastest way to drive instant revenue for your business. Simply take 10 minutes to set up your SMS campaign, deploy it and see an increase in footfall or web traffic in just hours if not minutes.
  2. Don’t let your database hold you back – Even if you don’t have a mobile marketing database, they are easier and quicker to build than you might imagine. Consumers want marketing messages when they are targeted, valuable and relevant and we’ve got some simple tried and tested techniques to build compliant databases.
  3. Don’t stick with email – Mobile marketing outperforms email marketing at every turn. When was the last time your email marketing campaign got an over 90%  read rate?
  4. Don’t see mobile as just an advertising channel – When people opt in to mobile marketing campaigns, they are saying that they are receptive to receiving your mobile marketing which automatically makes them more responsive. These customers can be contacted in a matter of minutes for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.
  5. Don’t forget to be targeted – Once the consumer gives their consent (and lots do nowadays) you are able to drive immediately revenue by promoting offers and sending coupons.  The bedrock of our system is ensuring the messages are compliant, targeted, relevant and valuable to the recipient – all resulting in high conversion rates.
  6. Don’t think SMS is just for messages – SMS is a great way of delivering coupons and other redeemable offers, meaning you can easily track the effectiveness of your mobile marketing efforts.
  7. Don’t spend more than you need to drive sales – Mobile marketing is so much more affordable than traditional direct marketing tactics, meaning your marketing budget goes further than ever and gets better results.
  8. Don’t see SMS as a mass channel – SMS marketing doesn’t have to be blanket and mass, we help you to segment your database by customer behaviour so you are delivering highly effective targeted marketing messages that are tailored to the recipient.
  9. Don’t miss out on consumer action – When someone receives a direct mobile marketing message from you, they are prompted to take specific action and the mobile marketing message remains with them to remind them whenever they look at their phone.
  10. Don’t get forgotten – Billboards and display ads may seem glossy and exciting but when was the last time you wrote something down as you walked or drove past an ad? SMS takes the work out of retaining your business details, putting them in your customer’s phone.
  11. Don’t miss out on a higher return on investment -Mobile marketing normally allows you to generate a higher and more easily measurable ROI than any other digital marketing channel.
  12. Don’t forget to listen to consumers – Mobile marketing is a great way to gather customer feedback or deliver exceptionally attentive customer service, so one platform can support sales, research and service.
  13. Don’t forget to be always on – Mobile marketing puts you in your customer’s pocket, connecting you with them instantly and guaranteeing that you’ll be seen and read.
  14. Don’t think you have to do all the work – With Zinmobi, it’s really easy to get started. We can help you to build your database, manage your contacts and send targeted messages that drive real ROI from your marketing.
  15. Don’t fall into the Big Data trap – The big advantage with intelligent mobile messaging and mobile coupons is the cost and immediacy of the results – you can now increase loyalty and drive instant sales WITHOUT all the complexity and cost of Big Data and Loyalty Cards and our platform is really simple to use.

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