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Top 10 Upcoming Franchise Events, Will You Be Attending?

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Handpicked by our franchising experts and hosted in the most influential capitals around the world, these upcoming franchise events are valuable opportunities for potential and current franchisees, franchisors, investors, entrepreneur’s and many other professionals involved in the franchise industry.

These events cater to those looking to network with industry leaders, explore business-to-business opportunities, get valuable expert advice or just have a general nose around the franchise community.

New to franchising?

We know the process of researching and buying a franchise can be overwhelming; registering for some of these events guarantees you an in-depth insight into the industry,  excellent opportunities to connect with the big franchise fish and explore franchises suited to your experience and your budget.


1. The National Franchise Exhibition


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20th-21st Feb 2015, Birmingham

Aimed predominantly at franchise industry newbies.

If you’re considering buying a franchise or franchising your business, this is the exhibition for you. The event showcases a wide range of exhibitors, free expert advice from industry professionals, financers and lawyers, seminars and extensive conferences.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, showcasing your franchise at the exhibition is the most effective way to generate leads, establish the best prospects for your brand and increase brand awareness.

For more info on this franchise event go to https://www.franchiseinfo.co.uk/exhibition-sub/freefranchisetickets


2. The Franchise Show, London


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20th-21st Feb 2015, London

Catering to business owners and entrepreneurs, The Franchise Show, London houses all the best franchise opportunities under one roof.

60 free seminars and in-depth workshops, get expert financial advice, discover new industries and learn everything else you need to know as a new franchisee including deciding which franchise is the perfect fit for you.

For more info go to http://www.thefranchiseshow.co.uk/information/


3. The Franchise Show, Canada


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21st-22nd Feb 2015, Toronto

The two-day Canadian franchise show is designed for potential franchisees to meet the industry’s most accomplished franchisors face-to-face.

Discover over 100 franchise systems, build connections with credible franchisors, learn from informative seminars and find out everything and anything at The Expert’s Booth.

Produced by the Canadian Franchise Association, The Franchise Show, Canada, claims to be the industry’s only national trade association and an indispensable resource for franchising.

For more info go to http://www.thefranchiseshow.ca/


4. The British and International Franchise Exhibition


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 13th-14th March 2015, London

Over 100 brands will be showcased over the two days, ranging across sectors including accountancy, education, fitness, food & drink, property, children’s activities and more. Designed to enlighten potential franchisees on diverse sector opportunities.

Seminar topics include “an introduction to franchising”, “how to avoid pitfalls” and “how to raise finance for your franchise”. Goers will also hear from financial and legal experts as well as representatives from The British Franchise Association.

For more info go to https://www.franchiseinfo.co.uk/exhibition-sub/british-international-franchise-2015-why-visit


5. Franchise Expo Paris


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22nd-25th March 2015, Paris

Connecting investors from 83 countries with the most renowned franchisors, the international hub is recognised as the most diversified franchise exhibition with more than 450 franchisors and 37 000 ready-to-invest entrepreneurs.

The Expo community will consist of consultants, lawyers, bankers, franchise associations, retail real estate developers converge in Paris all eager to discuss profitable business opportunities entrepreneurs, investors, franchisees and business partners.

Goers can avail of over 100 talks and workshops led by industry experts and a special coaching area for start-up plans.

For more info go to http://www.franchiseparis.com/


6. The UK Virtual Franchise Show 2015


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26th March 2015, Online

This online exhibition means you can chat with franchisors without compromising your busy work demands. No time lost travelling, no missed work days and no unnecessary expenses. The virtual franchise show is just you, on your desktop or smartphone, in a virtual showroom with eager franchisors waiting to hear from you.

Exhibitors on the day will be online and available for instant message chat, webcam chat or on hand to send & receive emails. You can also look at the stands using info and download links, browsing just like you might pick up a leaflet at a real franchise exhibition.

For more info on this franchise event go to http://www.ukvirtualfranchiseshow.co.uk/


7. Franchising Business and Opportunities Expo


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27th-29th March 2015, Sydney

Self-defined as “the perfect place to begin your new business search or finalise your decision making process”, the Sydney-based Expo is all about turning ambition into action.

The Franchise Council of Australia is on hand to give support and advise budding franchisees, and goers can also pick the brains of people behind hundreds of extremely successful franchise systems, hear their success stories and gain knowledge essential to the early stages of the franchising journey.

For more info go to http://www.franchisingexpo.com.au/features.asp


8. The International Franchise and Entrepreneurs (IFE) Expo


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16th-18th April 2015, Johannesburg

Those advised to attend:

–       Business owners who would like to franchise their business.

–       Franchisors and franchisees.

–       Potential franchisees.

The biggest franchise exhibition on the African continent and the most dedicated to developing not only franchising, but encouraging small business development and entrepreneurship.

The Franchise Association of Southern Africa (FASA), franchisors, banks and lawyers all take part in this event to aid you in your decision making process. What’s unique and admirable about this event is that there is no pressure to sign up due to the strict 14-day “cooling off” period before signing any contract.

For more info on this franchise event go to http://ife.co.za/visitor-information


9.  The Global Master Franchise Forum

22nd-24th April 2015, Barcelona

FPI consultants – Europe’s leading consortium of specialised franchise consultants, take the reins in this franchising event.

Providing valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges for franchising across Europe, FPI experts will chair sessions on key topics such as how to identify master franchisees, lead generation and best practices in structuring master franchise programmes.

One-on-one sessions offered at the event allow you to get to know individual FPI partners, who will cover key target markets for your brand and initiate the planning processes that lead to successful market development.

For more info go to http://www.franchisepool.org/wcms/Clients/139200744121221/Documents/69/FPI-Forum-Sitges-invitation-brochure.pdf


10. Franchise Asia Philippines 2015

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10th-14th July 2015, Philippines

Asia’s biggest 4-in-1 franchise event.

Franchise Asia Philippines 2015 promises to provide the platform to help your franchise grow not only in the booming Philippine market, but also across the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Deemed as the gateway to the emerging tiger economies in Asia-Pacific, the event is split over 7 days and broken into 4 parts – conferences, expos, seminars and programs.

Conference topics include global best practices, game changing strategies and concurrent breakout sessions. The expos will feature extensive franchise investment opportunities in the food, retail and service sectors, business growth solutions and unparalleled prospects for business networking and joint venture partnerships.

For more info on go to http://franchiseasiaphl2015.com.ph/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=6