Case Study

SuperValu Achieves Instant Sales Growth With Franchise Marketing

SuperValu is one of Ireland’s largest and most successful supermarket chains owned by the Musgrave Group.
It has 232 independently owned stores throughout Ireland. Each store serves its own local community and is subject to competition for other grocery chains and independent retailers.

The Challenge

SuperValu was eager to devise a mobile marketing program that would deliver weekly special offers to its entire customer base at both a national and local level. Their ideal program was one that could be operated at store level for local targeting, and monitored and controlled at head office level to ensure brand consistency.

The Requirements

To be workable across all 232 stores, the solution needed to be:

Simple to Operate
Generate High ROI
Brand Consistent
Data Compliant
Low Cost

The Solution

The ZinMobi platform was integrated with the SuperValu Real Rewards system so that messages could be sent to customers who had already given permission to be contacted through their mobile phones.

SuperValu decided to test the value of sending SMS offers due to its sheer simplicity and standing as a low-cost solution. The company started sending offers at both a national and local level which proved itself immediately. The user-friendly platform meant it could be used by all the SuperValu stores without any training.

As the majority of local stores do not have onsite marketers, ease-of-use was one of the system’s most important features. The platform was customised so that all campaigns were sent to head office for approval so marketing management could be certain that every campaign met brand guidelines before they were issued.

The easy opt-out function means SuperValu’s database stays current and campaign credits are not wasted. Once the standard text message capabilities were proven, SuperValu started sending mobile coupons to customers according to their purchase history for even further targeting. The impressive response is continuously encouraging SuperValu to test many of the other strengths of the ZinMobi platform.

Features They Use
Database Building Tools
Consent Management
Smart Filters
Inbound Campaigns
Mobile Coupons
Local Store Marketing
Head Office Approval System
The Result
Flexibility SuperValu perceives the flexibility of the system to be invaluable. It allows them to distribute messages through multiple channels with minimum hassle.
Better Control Head Office now has full visibility of all messages being sent as well as extensive overview of opt-out rates and redemption figures for each store.
Reporting SuperValu is now able to identify the impact of each campaign. Management has been able to detect a marked difference in the spend of customers who receive messages and those who do not.
Effective Targeting The intelligent behaviour-driven approach means that customers are being targeted with the right offers at the right time.